Weather Update (9 December)

Over the past few days, we’ve had some weather events that are uncharacteristic of a normal Alaskan December. Rain and swings from freezing to above freezing temperatures have created icy conditions in Anchorage and on JBER.


Due to the warm weather, plows are able to break some of the ice using a blade; this helps increase melting, and creates a bit more traction. Sanding is ongoing. Plows sanded this weekend and will continue to sand as needed. The work being performed does not require you to remove your vehicles from the street.

Exercise Caution

It is likely that icy conditions will persist in the coming days; please be extra cautious when driving through the neighborhoods. Keep your distance from other vehicles and brake early when coming to a stop. While the scraping the road and applying sand can help increase traction, roads are still slippery.