Wind Damages (Updated 27 April)

Tree torn by wind

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s really windy out.

Reporting Damages

We ask that all damages to your home be reported through our web submission form. If possible, please attach photos as these will greatly assist our repair efforts.

Submit a Report Online

Emergencies caused by wind damage, such as broken windows, exposed wires, or downed trees should be phoned in to our emergency maintenance line.

Emergency Maintenance: (907) 753-1091

Exercise Caution

Exercise extreme caution if driving or outside. The wind gusts are capable of moving large objects at high speeds and are expected to continue throughout the night.

After the Storm

We cannot perform most repairs until the wind dies down; we will have a better idea of a timeline after our initial assessment. We will commence repairs as soon as possible, and will provide updates as necessary.

Update (27 April)

A full assessment of damage done by the wind storm has taken place. Thank you to all whom reported damages. Our maintenance team, along with a collection of dedicated local vendors, will be performing repairs over the coming weeks.

We do not at this time, have the ability to project completion dates, however we are working as quickly as possible to complete all repairs.