Yard of the Month Contest (2019)

While all yards are special and beautiful on their own, some are just more special and beautiful than others. We want you to treat your yard right, and we’re willing to throw a bit of cash at the people who truly love (and pamper) their yards.


June to September.



The following must be met for a yard to receive consideration:

  • Front and back yards mowed, trimmed, and edged.
  • Front and back yards fully covered with healthy green grass.
  • Front and back yards free of debris and animal waste.
  • Planter or landscaped areas free of weeds and debris.
  • Sidewalks, driveways, and curbs free of debris.
  • Trees and shrubs trimmed and pruned.
  • Minimal stored items.


Submit a comment online. Be sure to:

  1. Select subject “Yard of the Month”.
  2. Include the address you’d like to nominate in the comment section.
  3. (Optional) Attach a clear front yard, side yard, and back yard photo. By including a photo, you are authorizing us to publish it on our website and social media.

Our team will also nominate yards as we discover them.

Nominations received after the 15th will be considered for the following month.


Winners are selected by Aurora Military Housing. Once a nomination is received, our team will score the yard based upon the above criteria.

Up to 17 yards can be selected monthly across JBER.

This year, we’d like to show off your hard work by including some photos on our facebook page and social media. Winners are also shared with JBER Command during the Community Action Council.


Each winner will receive a $100 check and a Yard of the Month sign to place in their yard for the duration of the month.

Is there an award for the worst yard?

Absolutely. Yards covered in dog poop, yards that have never been cut, and yards that are generally neglected can result in health issues and will receive special certificates from our grounds inspection team requesting improvement.

You can recognize particularly bad yards by visiting our contact page, selecting subject “Comment/Complaint”, selecting resident, and entering information about the yard.

Luckily, the good yards far outnumber the bad, and there are many lawn care resources available at the Self Help Center that can help even the saddest of yards smile once again.

Alas, if you have tried everything and are still facing challenges with your yard, do not hesitate to contact our maintenance team, our grounds care experts may be able to assist!