Yard Sales on JBER (2019)

stuff on a table outside at a yard sale

Yard sales are kinda a big deal during PCS season, and we hope to once again provide a number of resources this year to ensure your yard sales are successful.


Yard Sales on JBER can be held at any time, so long as you are advertising using the signs available at the Self Help Center. Up to two yard sales are permitted per year, with participation in the community yard sales not counting towards this limit.  More information about yard sales on JBER can be found in Section 11.3 of our handbook.

Signs available at the Self Help Center are first come, first served. One sign should be placed in your yard, and the other should be placed at the entrance to your subdivision.

View Section 11.3 of our Handbook


In addition to the two signs available at the Self Help Center, you can let us know the dates of your yard sale, and we’ll post a list of homes weekly.  In order for your sale to be posted:

  • You must submit a request at AuroraMilitaryHousing.com/Contact. Select subject “Yard Sale”, and fill out all relevant information.
  • You must submit your request by 12 PM on the Thursday prior to the yard sale.
  • While you may have yard sales during other times, we will only share Friday, Saturday, and Sunday sales.

So what DOES it look like? 

Yard sale dates and times


The JBER community yard sales will take place in June and July.

Cherry Hill, Houston, Dallas, Sunflower, New Sunflower, Silver Run, Denali, Dayton, Denver, Chugach

12 July 2019 (Friday), 13 July 2019 (Saturday), 14 July 2019 (Sunday)

Moose Crossing, Birch Hill, Kodiak, Cottonwood, Puffin Park, Raven Ridge, Moose Haven, Independence, Fireweed

21 June 2019 (Friday), 22 June 2019 (Saturday), 23 June 2019 (Sunday)


Participation in this yard sale will not count towards your annual limit.