The Installation Commander is responsible for the control and safeguarding of all base property. Routine patrolling of AMH areas is accomplished by Security Forces. Incidents, complaints and inquiries concerning law enforcement should be directed to Security Forces. 


All firearms must be registered with Security Forces.  There are specific policies regarding firearms on Military Installations. BB guns, Air guns, and even Bow and Arrows are considered Firearms. Discharging of firearms in AMH housing is prohibited. Firearms must be kept unloaded in locked gun safes. Use extreme care when handling/cleaning firearms. For information on firearms on JBER, contact the NCOIC Security Forces Armory or Plans and Programs Superintendent at 907-552-3668. 


Prior to storage of gunpowder and primers in AMH housing, contact the Fire Protection Section at 907-552-2620 for specific instructions. Place a dry chemical type fire extinguisher (minimum 5 pounds) close to the powder storage area.  This is in addition to the extinguishers already in the house.