JBER has an abundance of bear, moose and other wild animals that are seen frequently in family housing areas.  These animals are dangerous and should be avoided at all times.  Please ensure all members of your family are familiar with the information below. Listed below are some specific precautions your family should observe when in contact with animals. Call Security Forces at 907-552-3421 if wild animals present a danger in your housing area. 

15.2 BEARS

Bears occasionally wander into the AMH community areas. A primary attraction for bears is the availability of dog food, bird food, fish/game parts or garbage.  Alaska State Law prohibits feeding bears or causing a wildlife nuisance.  Storing pet food or garbage on the back porch, in the back of a pick-up, or leaving food remains on barbecues is construed as feeding the bears and can cause bears to become a nuisance.  Keep garbage inside except on trash or recycling pick up days.


These creatures are very common in AMH communities and love to get into unsecured garbage. Garbage must always be placed inside proper receptacles with lids properly closed. 

15.4 MOOSE

While seemingly a docile animal, they are unpredictable and very dangerous when feeling threatened especially when their young calves are present. Be sure children know how to be safe on the way to school. Don’t let dogs or kids harass the moose as this causes them to be aggressive. Moose that are fed by people often become aggressive when looking for more handouts.  


Many JBER Tenants take advantage of the abundant hunting and fishing opportunities in Alaska. Tenants are allowed to process their wild game & fish at their housing unit with the following restrictions: skinning, gutting, curing and sectioning must occur only in the garage or Tenant owned shed. Garage floor must be scrubbed down promptly after finished. Waste product must be immediately disposed of (in heavy duty or contractor style garbage bags). Under no circumstances should the animal or animal carcass (whole or pieces) be visible by neighboring units. Tenants are responsible for any damages caused to the unit by these activities. 


It is illegal to feed wildlife; JBER Conservation Law Enforcement personnel routinely patrol neighbors and will issue fines. Actions that constitute feeding include negligent feeding, leaving your garbage anywhere on the exterior of your unit, leaving your garage door open, instructing small children to place garbage in the dumpster when they are physically unable to do so, storing your dog food outside, not properly and immediately disposing of both fish and wildlife carcasses after cleaning, stocking a bird feeder with food between April 1st and October 31st, and dumping grease (deep fat, skillet, etc.) on the ground.