Section 7

Vehicles and Parking


Parking within the family housing areas is often limited. The only reserved parking for Tenants is inside the garage and the driveway. Tenants are highly encouraged to use their garage for vehicle parking. Tenants should be reasonable and considerate, and talk to their neighbors when problems occur over parking matters. Tenant parking shall not block mailboxes, fire hydrants, driveways, or dumpsters. 

7.1.1 NO PARKING AREAS. Tenants may not park in the following areas: fire lanes, within 15 feet of a crosswalk or fire hydrant, on sidewalks, cement patios, grass or landscaped areas, within 10 feet of any building, structure or mail box, except in designated parking spaces. 

7.1.2 OVERFLOW PARKING AREA. Overflow parking areas are for Tenants, and their guest’s vehicles which are operated and frequently used. They are not for long term parking or storage of seasonal vehicles.   Overflow parking areas may be used by AMH for snow storage during winter months. AMH is not responsible for vehicles which may become blocked in by snow storage. 

7.1.3 TDY/LONG TERM PARKING. Tenants TDY or on vacation must park their vehicles in their garage and driveway. Parking for longer than 48 hours in any overflow parking area, or on the street is prohibited.   Vehicles left for longer than 48 hours may be considered abandoned and towed at Tenant expense. 


Any vehicle partially dismantled, non-operational, wrecked, junked, or in a derelict condition parked on a residential street or parking lot is subject to impoundment at the owner’s expense, including towing and storage fees. Non-operational vehicles, trailers, ATV’s, snow machines, vehicles awaiting parts, vehicles with expired licenses, or vehicles whose owners do not want to operate them, may NOT be stored within AMH communities. 


Parking on residential streets during snow removal is highly discouraged and extremely dangerous. Vehicles parked in active snow removal areas may be towed at the owner’s expense. AMH reserves the right to use overflow parking areas as snow storage areas. Vehicles are subject to towing if they interfere with snow storage or removal. 


Unattended running vehicles are not allowed in AMH housing areas. Except during winter months for the purpose of warming up the engine, vehicles may be left running for a maximum of 10 minutes provided they are under constant observation by the operator. Vehicles may NEVER be left running while inside the garage, regardless of whether the garage door is open or not. Vehicles may not be left unattended on jacks, regardless of the duration of time. 


Performing oil or transmission fluid changes, major maintenance such as removal/disassembly of the transmission, rear end, motor, body repair, repair work, and work which renders the vehicle inoperable for 24 hours or longer is prohibited within AMH housing driveways and parking areas. Tenants should consider utilizing the JBER Auto Hobby shop on JBER-R. Minor repairs such as: changing tires, fan belts, wheel cylinder, and motor tune-ups are allowed provided the work performed can be completed within 24 hours. 


Vehicle engine block heaters are only to be plugged in when exterior temperatures reach 20 degrees or below. Extension cords must be UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rated for exterior use and should be attached using devices specifically designed for that purpose. Cords may not be run across driveways or sidewalks where damage to cords or trip hazards could occur. 


7.7.1 RECREATIONAL VEHICLES POLICY. RVs are vehicles designed for recreational purposes to include, but not limited to motor homes, travel trailers, tent campers, boats, canoes, trailers, ATVs and snow machines.  RVs can only be parked within the AMH areas from Friday until Monday (the “Authorized Parking Period”).  RVs in housing areas outside the authorized parking period require that an AMH recreational vehicle special permit be properly displayed on vehicle.  Special permits are limited and at the sole discretion of Aurora Military Housing. For the storage of RVs, contact Outdoor Recreation at 907-552-2023 or visit

7.7.2 CAMPERS/MOTOR HOMES/UTILITY TRAILERS/ENCLOSED TRAILERS, ETC. During the Authorized Parking Period, vehicles referenced in section 7.7.1 may not block roadways, driveways or other egress areas where emergency and regular vehicles must pass.  A special permit does not exempt a vehicle from this requirement.

7.7.3 SLIDE IN PICKUP CAMPERS OR TOPPERS. These may not be left un-mounted in housing areas at any time. 

7.7.4 DIRT BIKES/ATVs/SNOW MACHINES. Parking/storage in driveways or yards is prohibited. These must be stored in the garage while in the housing area. 

7.7.5 BOATS. Canoes and kayaks are permitted only if stored on racks within the fenced in area of the yard. Tenants will receive tickets for canoes and kayaks stored anywhere outside the fenced area. All other boats must follow the RV parking policy.