Prior to Departure

At least 30 days before

Fill out a 30 Day Notice Form: Please visit our office to fill out this form.

  • Cancel cable
  • Schedule a final Inspection

Departure Process

1. Attend a Move Out Briefing

This 30 minute informative briefing helps you prepare for move out, and ensure you don’t incur additional charges. For your convenience, you may also view this briefing online.

You must complete and submit a copy of the Pre Final Acknowledgement form if watching the briefing online.

Download Pre Final Acknowledgement

Submit Completed Form
Select Subject “Upload Form”

2. Utilize Self Help Center Services

Reserve a carpet shampooer

Shampooing is not required for move out, however, it may be a step you wish to take if you’ve done spot treatment. You’ll want to contact our Self Help Center to reserve a shampooer well ahead of your move out, as carpet cannot be wet during your final inspection.

Pick up move out items

We offer a variety of items to limit out of pocket charges, visit our Self Help Center section to learn more.

Screen Repair Station

No appointment necessary, bring in any broken screens and our Self Help Center staff will teach you how to repair them, it’s super fast, easy, and kind of cathartic.

3. Schedule Movers

It’s best to have the movers arrive prior to the move out inspection.

4. Clean

Please ensure you have adequately cleaned your home. If you have questions about our cleaning standards, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

If you have large or bulky items requiring disposal, please set up a Bulky Item Pickup at least 2 weeks prior to your final inspection date.

Schedule a Pickup

5. Contact our office with any questions

We’re here to help! Please direct any questions or concerns to our office.

Day of Departure

1. Final Inspection

Our inspection staff will meet you at your home and perform a final inspection. Keys will be returned at this time.

Please note: the majority of residents incur little to no charges at move out. Charges are assessed for damage outside of normal wear and tear; we abide strictly by the Alaska Landlord Tenant Act when charging.