A red snow shovel standing upright in white snow.


We’ve got you covered in the winter. Our grounds team will remove snow (2″ or more) from driveways and sidewalks.

Green lawnmower outside on green lawn


AMH will mow and trim lawns during the summer months, excluding fenced in areas.


AMH will provide up to 1 hour each month of non-traditional support.  This could include hanging pictures, putting together furniture, hanging holiday lights, or anything else around the house requiring an extra set of hands.  All DSP requests should be made online or called in to our work order line.

Qualifying for the DSP


Active Duty members must be either deployed or TDY for a minimum of 90 consecutive days OR on a dependent restricted unaccompanied tour for a minimum of 365 consecutive days. Orders reflecting this should be submitted alongside the application.


Spouse must continue to reside on JBER with visits and vacations out of the local area not exceeding 30 consecutive days.


Vehicles should be parked in the garage or in designated long term parking lots located outside of housing during deployments. JBER actively enforces parking rules and will tow abandoned or nonoperational vehicles. 

Apply Today

Complete the online form below or download the pdf form and bring into our office with a copy of your orders.

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