Prior to Arrival

Confirm housing availability

We can offer a definitive wait time for housing 30 days before your scheduled arrival date. Please contact our office to confirm availability!

If there is a wait, you should secure space at TLF (you’re authorized up to 30 days). Here’s how.

Upon Arrival

  1. Meet with a Leasing Agent

    Visit our leasing office, located at 6350 Arctic Warrior Drive, to consult with our leasing team. We’ll collect any outstanding paperwork and discuss housing options in your category.

  2. Review Your Offer

    You’ll have an opportunity to review your offer. If you don’t like the home you’ve been paired with, you may reject it and receive a second offer.

  3. Move In Briefing

    Our informative 1 hour briefing takes place daily at 10 AM and 2 PM, Monday- Friday. This is scheduled after you have accepted your offer. At this time you will:

    1. Sign your lease.
    2. Fill out remaining paperwork.
    3. Learn about optional services.
    4. Participate in a Q and A session.
  4. Move in

    Keys are available for pickup from our office during business hours. You may also opt to have a leasing agent meet you at your new home, and hand over keys then.

After Move In

  1. Fill out your 15 Day Move In and 5 Day Flooring Discrepancy Reports

    We recommend all residents carefully notate any issues with the home within the first 15 days of move in. These will be notated in your file and remedied in a follow up work order by our maintenance staff. For your convenience, you may submit these documents directly through our website.

  2.  Purchase Renters Insurance

    A good renters insurance policy won’t break the bank, but it could help protect your family possessions should something go wrong. We highly encourage all residents to purchase renters insurance policies.

  3. Get rid of those boxes

    Your moving company will gladly recycle boxes from move in, contact them once you’ve unpacked to schedule a pickup.

  4. Visit the Self Help Center

    Our Self Help centers provide a variety of resources to improve and enhance your home. Seasonal offerings range from lawn care supplies in the summer, to ice melt and traction aid in the winter. You can view a complete list of these FREE items here or stop by a Self Help Center.

  5. Pick up Post Office Keys

    Be sure to pick up your mailbox keys from the post office.

  6. Get to know your Mayor (or become one!)

    Mayor’s serve a crucial role in our communities. They work closely with our team to provide solutions for community issues and offer suggestions and feedback so that we can better serve our residents.

  7. Meet your neighbors

    We ask that all residents take a few minutes to say “hi” to those living around them. The key to a happy neighborhood is open communication.

  8. Fill out a Move In Survey

    Let us know how your move in went. We use these surveys to improve the move in experience.

  9. Review the Move Out Brief

    Build an understanding of the standards and requirements at move out.
    View the Brief

  10. Learn About JBER Resources

    There are many resources on JBER to help resolve housing related issues and stay in the know.

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