Note: We recently renamed the Self Help Request form to Special Modification Request (so as not to be confused with the Self Help Center)

All work performed in the unit, whether it be painting an accent wall, installing a satellite dish, or mounting a TV requires a Special Modification Request Form.  All requested work must be performed by you and must be returned to its original state upon move out.

What Types of Alterations May I Perform?

Some common alterations are listed below.  All of these require a Special Modification Request be completed by you and approved by a member of our team.

Satellite TV

You may opt to receive satellite, rather than cable TV service.

Interior Painting

Many residents opt to paint one or more walls.  This is permitted, so long as walls are returned to their previous state on move out.

Shelving Installation

Shelves may be installed on walls of homes.

TV Installation

TVs can be mounted to walls.

Storage Shed

A storage shed may be placed within the fenced yard.

Self Help Requirements


  • Work must receive approval from AMH via a Special Modification Request (we try to get these approved as quickly as possible).
  • You must agree to all terms and conditions notated on the form; beginning work signifies agreement.
  • You must acknowledge sole liability for damages or injuries that result from performing the work or from the alteration itself.


  • All alterations/additions must be returned to their original state.
  • Contact us to determine if conveyance is an option.


If you’re not completely sure as to whether a task requires approval, you may contact our office.

Complete the online form below (recommended) or download and complete the pdf form and bring into our office.