No matter where you live, risks exist. Our goal as property managers is to a) openly communicate risks during the leasing process, b) safely mitigate risks, such as lead based paint, mold, mildew and pests, through resident education, services, and resources, and c) promptly address emergencies through testing and remediation. Some of these safety efforts, both in front and behind the scene include:

Advanced Life Safety Systems: All homes have interconnected smoke and CO alarms, as well as fire extinguishers. We make it easy to maintain these systems: all smoke/co alarm batteries can be swapped out at the Self Help Center for free, and all fire extinguishers can be inspected and exchanged at the Self Help Center for free.

Environmental Testing: Whether it be a response to a specific concern in a home or a routine preventative check, our team complies with federal, state, and municipal requirements for testing and disclosure. In addition, we work closely with the JBER environmental team to ensure water on JBER remains safe as distribution system upgrades and modernization continue to take place.

Resident Education: A large number of risks can be contained by a touch of awareness and a dose of precaution. Through online and print publications, face to face exchanges, and joint efforts with prominent organizations on JBER, we continue to work to provide reliable and accurate information on in-home risks.

Open Line of Communication: We can’t be on every street, in every home, and on every corner at all times. We are lucky to house such a vigilant, safety-oriented community. Notice a street light out? Is one of our vehicles speeding? Is a neighbor attracting unwanted wildlife to the neighborhood? Is an item on a playground broken? None of these items should happen, but when they do, your reports help us respond and correct these issues.


If you would like to learn about safety in our homes please refer to our Aurora Military Housing Resident Handbook or our website at

We provide frequent safety updates on our blog, which can be found at the aptly titled URL:

Our environmental safety procedures ensure that every resident inquiry is promptly responded to, whether it be via phone consultation, a site visit, or even testing by a trained inspector.


Throughout our 17 year partnership with JBER, we have built more than 1,700 homes and renovated more than 1,000 homes. Our appreciation for the natural beauty of the last frontier has guided our environmental conscious construction and continues to inspire sustainable upgrades and services. From plans to incorporate large scale high efficiency HVAC system upgrades, to ongoing recycling service for every home; we are constantly seeking out ways to preserve Alaska’s pristine environment.