Section 4

Appearance Standards


Grounds Inspections are performed weekly using the guidelines in this Handbook. Discrepancies will be noted and an inspection notice will be posted on the unit front door. If Tenants receive a notice that is not resolved in allotted time AMH will notify the Tenant’s military unit to request help in resolving upkeep issues. 


4.2.1 PERMITTED FLAGS. Flag displays are determined by the Department of Defense; flags must promote unity and esprit de corps. The following list includes flags permitted in housing areas.

  • American Flag
  • Flags of U.S. States and Territories and the District of Columbia;
  • Military Service flags;
  • Flag or General Officer flags;
  • Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed civilian flags;
  • Senior Executive Service (SES) and Military Department-specific SES flags;
  • The POW /MIA flag;
  • Flags of other countries, for which the United States is an ally or partner, or for official protocol purposes;
  • Flags of organizations in which the United States is a member ( e.g., NATO); and
  • Ceremonial, command, unit, or branch flags or guidons.

These may be displayed if placed in appropriate flag pole holders. See Section 3.5.5 SIDING.

4.2.2 SIGNS, BANNERS, POSTERS. Signs, banners and posters representing political parties, prophesying messages, etc. are not allowed to be posted in housing unit yards, windows, or any area where they are visible on the exterior of the unit. 

4.2.3 HOME BASED BUSINESS. JBER authorized home based businesses such as Home Day Care are allowed to post one sign up to 12”x14” in one window of the unit. A copy of authorization must be on file with AMH. 


4.3.1 BASKETBALL HOOPS. Portable basketball hoops may be used in family housing areas subject to the following controls: the name and housing unit number of the owner must appear legibly on the frame, the hoop must be located a minimum of 15 feet from any structure, and it must not be placed on a residential street or driveway where moving vehicles may pose a danger to the users. When used in shared driveways, extreme care must be used to avoid potential damage to neighboring vehicles. They must be stored in a fenced area when not directly in use. 

4.3.2 BICYCLES AND TOYS. All toys, play equipment, bicycles, etc. must be kept in an orderly neat manner and cannot be allowed to detract from the overall appearance of the housing area. When not in use, these items must be stored neatly in a fenced area of the yard or in the garage, shed or basement of the unit. 

4.3.3 SWING SETS, TREE FORTS, TENTS, PLAYHOUSES, ETC. These items must be free standing and not attached to any trees, fences, sheds or the housing unit. They can only be placed within the fenced in portion of the yard. They cannot be used in side yards or front yards. The area in and around the items must be maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary manner.  Tenants are responsible for any damages that occur as a result of their use.  

4.3.4 TRAMPOLINES. Trampolines must be located within the fenced in area of the yard, must have safety netting in place at all times, and must be anchored at all times. From October 15th to April 15th trampolines must be disassembled and stored inside the housing unit. Direct parental supervision for children less than 10 years of age is required. 

4.3.5 LANDSCAPE TIMBERS AND BORDER PROTECTORS. Landscape timbers or small border protectors, which are designed to be decorative in nature and do not exceed 20 inches in height, may be installed around flowerbeds provided they are neat and properly maintained. The decorative protectors cannot penetrate the ground more than 4 inches. Pointed pickets are not permitted.  


4.4.1 EXTERIOR STORAGE. Tenants are allowed to neatly store a minimal amount of items within their fenced yard. Storage of items on the outside of the fence is not allowed.  Stored items must not detract from the overall appearance of the unit and neighborhood. Tarps of any kind are prohibited. AMH will have sole discretion when determining whether stored items visually detract from the community. 

4.4.2 GRILLS, SMOKERS, CHIMINEAS, FIRE PITS, FIREWOOD. These items must be stored in the fenced in yard areas of AMH units. Small amounts of firewood can be stored inside fenced area if cut into lengths no longer than 24 inches and neatly stacked; firewood must be stored 10 feet from the building.

4.4.3 MISC STORAGE. For additional exterior storage requirements please refer to Section 4.3 Outdoor/Play Equipment, Section 7.7 Recreational Vehicles, Section 5 Refuse and Recycling, and Section 12.4 Water Amenities

4.4.4 SHEDS.  Tenants are allowed one shed per unit. Authorization is required through Special Modification Request Form prior to installation. Sheds must meet the following requirements: placed within the unit’s fenced area, no larger than eight foot length x eight foot width x nine foot height, electrical or extension cords are not permitted. Sheds must be either a plastic/vinyl or wooden kit barn-style. Sheds constructed of wood must be painted to match the housing area colors.  Some units have pre-existing AMH-owned sheds. AMH sheds will not be repaired or replaced should they become damaged. 


4.5.1 EXTERIOR DECORATIVE LIGHTS. In conjunction with the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s City of Lights program, Tenants can display exterior and interior lighting beginning with the lighting of the ‘Star on the Mountain’ until the last Iditarod dog sled musher crosses the finish line in Nome, AK (usually by mid-March).  This program is limited to only clear lighting that is non-specific to a holiday.  Holiday related ornaments and multi-colored lighting can be displayed from Thanksgiving to January 15th. All lighting must be removed on or before April 15th. Extension cords cannot be run from the windows or through the doors.  Ensure proper use of electrical cords; do not overload circuit breakers. Use caution in installing and removing your holiday lights.   

4.5.2 HOLIDAY LIGHTS CONTEST. Each Holiday season AMH recognizes and awards prizes to Tenants who have shown holiday spirit by decorating their housing unit. Categories are: white lights and multi-colored. Contestants are nominated by JBER residents. 


Holiday decorations may be displayed up to a month prior to the holiday and must removed within two weeks after that holiday has passed. Seasonal decorations may be displayed for the duration of the season and must be removed within two weeks after that season has passed.

Decorations should refrain from depicting gruesome, violent, or sexually explicit scenes. Aurora and JBER may, at our discretion, request that decorations that do not meet community standards be removed.

Aurora does not promote the use of real pumpkins during Halloween. JBER may allow for pumpkins to be placed outside during set times, however this is entirely at the discretion of command. Please refer to the JBER website and facebook page for further guidance.

4.6 FENCES. Tenants are not authorized to extend, or heighten any existing fences in housing areas. Tenants are not allowed to construct additional fencing. This includes installing dog kennels or dog runs.