Section 1

AMH Services Provided


AMH will provide a variety of services, including but not limited to maintenance and repair, grounds maintenance in the common areas, snow removal from residential streets, refuse collection and disposal, and major pest control to protect the property (Tenant is responsible for routine pest control—see Section 3.3.16). The Installation provides fire, police, emergency, and animal control services.   


1.2.1 MOVE IN INSPECTIONS. All homes are inspected by AMH representatives prior to move in. All discrepancies are documented. Damaged items discovered within the home are scheduled for repair during this time.  Please reference Section 2.3 for further information regarding move in inspections. 

1.2.2 CONDITION OF UNIT INSPECTIONS. AMH retains the right to schedule inspections with the Tenant to assess the condition of the home. AMH will provide a 24-hour written notice, posted on or delivered to the unit, prior to initiating an inspection.  

1.2.3 GROUNDS INSPECTIONS. AMH will conduct inspections of the exterior of the housing units and the surrounding areas to ensure proper upkeep is being performed on a regular basis and AMH policies are being followed. Inspection notices will be issued when conditions require follow up. YARD OF THE MONTH INSPECTIONS.  AMH sponsors a “Yard-of-the-Month” program during summer months. The program promotes community pride, rewards the beautification of yards and grounds, and enhances the overall appearance of the housing community.  Yard of the Month inspections are conducted mid-month in June, July, August, and September. Please reference Section 11.4 for more information. 

1.2.4 MOVE OUT INSPECTIONS. This inspection is conducted as outlined under “Termination of Family Housing.” Please reference Section 17 for more information.  


1.3.1 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS. AMH is responsible for the wellbeing and maintenance of your home. Procedures for requesting a work order are provided in Appendix A: AMH Maintenance Request Work Order Procedures. Routine work orders may be requested any time at or by calling 907-753-1091 between the hours of 0800 and 1700 Monday-Friday. Please limit after hours calls to emergencies only.  

1.3.2 MAINTENANCE REQUESTS. Upon receipt of your maintenance request, AMH will respond to schedule a date and provide an approximate time for the service to be performed. AMH categorizes service requests either as emergency or routine. The category of the service to be performed will determine the date of repair.  A copy of the emergency and routine category guidelines are provided at move-in orientation, at, and can be found in the AMH Office. Emergency work order requests should always be called in immediately. 

1.3.3 MAINTENANCE APPOINTMENTS. All appointments will be scheduled during AMH office hours.  Please plan to be on hand during your scheduled appointment window. If you are unable to meet an AMH technician during the day, permission to enter can be granted when requesting maintenance service. AMH personnel will not enter a home when underage children (under 18) are the only ones present. Pets must be kenneled while maintenance is being performed. 

1.3.4 ROUTINE WORK ORDERS. Routine work orders include maintenance or repair actions that do not meet the criteria for emergency service. Examples of routine work orders include: closet doors off track, inoperative light switches, non-working toilet if there is another in unit, or a clothes dryer not operating.  

1.3.5 EMERGENCY WORK ORDERS. Emergency work orders require immediate attention. Emergencies include anything that could cause loss of life or property; serious damage affecting health, safety, or security; or complete utility failure (electricity, gas, water or sewage).  An example of an emergency work order would be an inoperative heater.  The maintenance line is available 24/7 for emergency situations. 

1.3.6 LOCKOUTS. AMH provides emergency lock out services 24 hours a day.  Emergency access will not be granted to anyone without proper authorization and identification.  

1.3.7 LOCK CHANGES. Tenants may request a change of locks on the exterior doors of the unit.  Fees for new locks and keys can be found in Appendix D:  STANDARD MOVE-OUT CHARGES

1.3.8 ENTRY. AMH reserves the right to enter your home under reasonable circumstances. You will be given at least 24 hours written notice before entry, except in case of an emergency or if it is impractical or unsafe to do so. 

1.3.9 MAINTENANCE EVALUATION FORM. AMH aims to provide high quality, timely and professional maintenance service. Tenants are encouraged to complete a maintenance evaluation form online at after service has been performed.  


1.4.1 REFUSE COLLECTION, DISPOSAL, AND RECYCLING PROGRAM. AMH provides refuse and recycling collection and disposal at no cost to the Tenant. 

1.4.2 REFUSE COLLECTION. AMH will provide the scheduled pick up dates and times to units with refuse roll carts for curbside pickup.  

1.4.3 RECYCLING PROGRAM. AMH will provide the scheduled pick up dates and times for housing areas for curbside pickup of recyclables every two weeks. AMH provides a single stream recycling roll cart for each unit. No sorting of recyclables required. The recycle tipster is assigned to the unit, stays with the unit, and is to be stored inside the unit. A current list of recyclable items is available here. Glass items are not currently recycled curbside in Alaska; please do not place glass in recycle tipster. 

1.4.4 ROLL CART STORAGE. The recycle and refuse roll carts are assigned to the unit.  These items must be stored inside the garage at all times; this helps prevent unwelcome visits from wildlife.  


There are a variety of Hazardous Waste disposal options in town and on JBER.

Anchorage Regional Landfill (*Available for free to all Active Duty Soldiers)

15500 Eagle River Loop

Central Transfer Station

1111 East 56th Avenue

JBER Auto Skills Center (Waste Oil)

2nd Street, JBER

Please contact AMH at 907-753-1091 or fill out a request online at should you have any questions about disposal.


1.5.1 UTILITY PROGRAM. AMH encourages and rewards energy conservation. Information regarding the utility program is available online at

1.5.2 UTILITY STATEMENTS. While the program is active, AMH reads utility meters and provides utility statements monthly. The statement reflects consumption, current rates, taxes, utility allowance and the resulting balance of your account.   

1.5.3 BALANCING UTILITY ACCOUNTS. If at any time the Tenant’s utility account balance exceeds $250.00, a refund check or invoice shall be issued to the Tenant. Refund checks shall be sent out within 10 business days.  In those cases where invoices are issued, payment is due to YES Energy Management ( within 25 days of delivery to the Tenant.   


AMH maintains a Self Help Center on both JBER-E and JBER-R for use by AMH Tenants. Assorted items for maintaining your home may be acquired from the Self Help Center at no cost to the Tenant. The items available are subject to change and may have limits. You can learn more by going to or calling the Self Help Center number(s) listed in the front of the handbook.   


1.7.2 RESIDENTIAL STREETS AMH’s snow removal contractor gets dispatched once snow accumulation reaches 2″. At times, dispatch may be delayed due to visibility concerns, quiet hours, weekends, or during holidays when many cars are parked on the street. Snow removal is conducted between 0900 and 2200, observing quiet hours unless JBER command allows for a variance due to extreme road conditions. Plows make multiple passes through neighborhoods; during snow removal, you may notice wind rows on streets, these will be removed on a later pass through. 

1.7.2: DRIVEWAYS. Residents are responsible for removing all snow and ice from their driveway, sidewalks, fire hydrants, and mailboxes within 24 hours of snowfall.  


AMH will assist families of deployed military members once per month with labor for home projects such as moving furniture, hanging shelves, or yard services within fenced yards. The program also includes removal of snow on individual sidewalks and driveways as well as yard service (excluding fenced yards).  For more information about this program or to sign up, please visit


AMH maintains a website, for all your housing needs. 


AMH shall revise this Tenant Handbook as needed to incorporate any changes made. AMH shall provide a written notice of any substantive changes to this Tenant Handbook.