Section 2

Moving In


The term “Tenant” as used in this Handbook refers to military and civilian Tenants who enter into a Lease Agreement with AMH. Tenants are responsible for ensuring that they, their dependents, and guests comply with the provisions of this handbook as well as applicable JBER policies. Tenants will ensure their households are conserving utilities, reporting maintenance needs, and following fire, health and safety instructions.  


AMH provides a move in brief for all incoming Tenants prior to taking occupancy. The briefing will include a review of the Lease Agreement; maintenance operations; AMH policy and procedures; utilities; operation of appliances, heating and hot water systems; general household and housekeeping care; carpet replacement policy; exterior grounds care; trash and recycling services; and postal service information.  If a Tenant would like an AMH representative to be present at the initial move in inspection and/or have a black light carpet check done during that inspection, the request may be made at the briefing.  


All Tenants should perform an initial inspection of the housing unit. The Tenant will have three days from move in to notate carpet discrepancies on the provided AMH Carpet Condition Report. An unreturned AMH Carpet Condition Report constitutes Tenant’s acceptance of the condition of the carpet as indicated on the carpet condition report. The Tenant will also receive an AMH Supplemental Fifteen Day Inspection Form used to identify and document non-carpet discrepancies within the unit. This report should be returned within 15 days of move in.  An unreturned AMH Supplemental Fifteen Day Inspection Form constitutes a Tenant’s acceptance of the condition of the Premises “as is.”  If Tenant returns the AMH Carpet Condition Report and AMH Supplemental Fifteen Day Inspection Form within the time requirements above, and discrepancies are noted by the Tenant on either report, AMH may conduct a follow-up inspection of the Premises.   


Complaints related to housing assignment, maintenance response or other housing related activities should be brought to the attention of AMH by submitting a comment form in person or online at Tenants and family members are highly encouraged to seek assistance through AMH before going to the military for resolution of issues.  AMH will work with the Tenant to resolve the complaint in a timely manner, coordinating with the JBER Housing Management Office (“HMO”) as necessary.  If the complaint cannot be resolved following the above instruction, the Dispute Resolution clause in the Lease Agreement provides further guidance.  


2.5.1 CHANGES IN RANK, DEPENDENTS. Tenant must notify AMH in writing within five days of any change in status, such as the number of dependents residing with Tenant, or military grade/rank changes.  

2.5.2 CHANGE IN ELIGIBILITY. If the Tenant or the Tenant’s dependents leave the unit with no intention of returning, the Tenant may no longer be eligible to reside in the home. In this case, Tenant must notify the HMO immediately for a determination of eligibility.  If no longer eligible, Tenant must notify AMH within five days and complete the move out process within 30 days. 

2.5.3 CHANGES IN CONTACT INFORMATION. Tenants are asked to contact AMH with changes to email address, primary phone numbers, duty numbers, etc. 


Tenants absent from their housing unit for five or more days, are required to submit a Notice of Absence Form to AMH prior to their departure. Form can be submitted online at While absent, a person designated by Tenant must have physical access to the unit. This individual must perform normal residential oversight and maintenance and adhere to all AMH policies.   


All mailboxes are property of the U.S. Postal Service and subject to all applicable laws. Tenants who receive mail in cluster mail boxes must obtain the key from the U.S. Postal Service.  Posting of flyers, ads, brochures, etc. on the mailboxes is prohibited. 


Renters insurance is highly encouraged but is not required we encourage all residents to continue to secure policies that best fit their needs.


Notify both the Fire Protection Flight at 907-552-2620 and AMH if a family member has a disability.  The type of disability, building number, address, telephone number, and DEROS date for the sponsor are required.  In the event special accommodations to the housing unit are required, submit a completed Special Modification Request form to AMH, give us a call, or email