Section 12

General Interest


12.1.1 LOCAL SOCIAL VISITORS. Visitors who reside/work within the commuting area of the Installation may be a guest for a total of two days in an AMH unit. The commuting area of the Installation is defined as being within a 60 minute or 20 mile commute of the Installation (whichever is greater) during peak driving conditions.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Installation and AMH.  

12.1.2 NON LOCAL SOCIAL VISITORS. Visitors who reside outside the commuting areas of the Installation are allowed to be a guest in the unit for up to 30 days total.  Any exceptions must be approved by the Installation and AMH.  

12.1.3 LIVE-IN CHILD CARE PROVIDER. Residents may employ a live-in childcare provider with the approval of Installation Command or an authorized representative. Copies of Installation approval to include the approved length of stay, must be on file with AMH. Childcare providers will be considered a guest of the Tenant and will not entitle resident to a higher bedroom qualification. Tenant will be solely responsible for the actions of the provider. 

12.1.4 COMPENSATION/SUBLETTING. AMH housing units are single family dwellings only. Residency beyond the approved visitor length, acceptance of rent, or, any compensation in lieu of rent, by either approved or non-approved social visitors will be grounds for the loss of an AMH housing unit. 


Solicitation, fund-raising, scout activities, school sales, etc., require prior approval by the Installation Commander.   


12.3.1 AURORA CABLE PACKAGE. AMH, in conjunction with GCI, offers a competitive cable package at specially reduced rates.  Tenant must complete a cable agreement form prior to pickup of cable boxes. Tenants must complete a new form if service levels change.  The form is available at  

12.3.2 CABLE INSTALLATION. All housing units are equipped with a minimum of one cable outlet.  Adding outlets requires prior approval through a Special Modification Request Form and must be performed by GCI or an authorized installer. Drilling holes in floors and walls is prohibited. 

12.3.4 ANTENNAS/SATELLITE DISHES. Exterior television antennas and citizen band antennas are not permitted in AMH housing. Satellite dishes can be installed with prior approval on a Special Modification Request Form in accordance with Installation policy. Satellite dishes and equipment may NOT be attached to the exterior of any AMH unit, shed, or fence; tripod or post installation only. The Tenant accepts all liability and responsibility for any damages that may occur and for removal of the dish at the end of their residency. Check with satellite providers to ensure adequate signal acquisition is possible at your unit. 


12.4.1 WADING AND SWIMMING POOLS. Swimming pools are not allowed. Wading pools are allowed if they are less than 48 inches in diameter and do not exceed 12 inches in depth. Direct parental supervision is required for ANY outside structure that is filled with water. Water must be completely drained when not in use. Object must be located fully inside the Tenant’s fenced yard. From October 15th to April 15th pools must be stored inside the housing unit. 

12.4.2 WATER FEATURES. Bird baths and fountains are allowed but must be placed on top of the ground (no digging or inset allowed). If electric, the supply must be rated for outdoor use and must not be run through the windows or doorways. Reservoir or holding tanks may not be more than four inches deep.  Ice rinks are not permitted. 

12.4.3 HOT TUBS AND SAUNAS. Electrical hot tubs and saunas are allowed as long as they do not exceed 110 volts of electrical power. 220 volt electrical or natural gas hot tubs or saunas are prohibited. A Special Modification Request Form must be submitted and approved prior to installation of any tub or sauna.  The hot tub must contain a locking lid and must be locked when not in use.  Hot tubs must be located at least three feet away from the house. 


12.5.1 HEAT PRODUCING ITEMS. Welders, decorative fireplaces, hot plates, and other like items that produce heat are prohibited in AMH housing units. 

12.5.2 CLOTHES LINES. Clothes lines are not permitted in AMH housing units and lawn areas. 

12.5.3 VEGETABLE GARDENS. Vegetable gardens are not permitted in AMH housing areas. AMH has a limited number of raised garden beds available for tenant use on JBER-R; contact the AMH office for more information. The Outdoor Recreation Center also maintains a limited number of garden plots on JBER-E for use by housing Tenants. For information on Outdoor Recreation Garden Plots, please call 907-552-5023.  

12.5.4 WINDOW AIR CONDITIONERS.  Window air conditioners are prohibited in AMH units without an AMH approved waiver for medical reasons. 

12.5.5 FIREWORKS. Fireworks are prohibited on JBER.  

12.5.6 WATERBEDS. Waterbeds are not allowed in AMH units. 

12.5.7 TANNING BEDS. Tanning beds are not permitted in AMH units. 

12.5.8 GENERATORS. Generators may not be connected to any AMH housing unit electrical system.