Common areas must be kept free of items belonging to Tenants. Do not allow children to leave toys, bikes, etc. in these areas. Ensure your children remove any trash or toys from the common areas each day. Unattended items left in common areas will be disposed of. 


There are many playgrounds on JBER. Keep a watchful eye on your children when they are utilizing the playground areas, ensuring they stay clear of streets and neighbors’ yards.  


10.3.1 NOISE. Excessive noise is typically the greatest source of complaints amongst neighbors.  Many JBER personnel work shifts that require them to sleep during the day.  Please be considerate.  Quiet hours are Sunday through Thursday from 2200 to 0600 and Friday and Saturday from 2300 to 0600.  Attempt to resolve noise complaints directly with your neighbor. If unresolved, contact Security Forces at 907-552-3421 for further assistance. 

10.3.2 EXCESSIVE STEREO/TELEVISION NOISE. Be considerate, do not assume your neighbors enjoy the same type of music or television programs you do.  Please keep the volume down. Place stereo equipment and televisions on non-adjoining walls. 

10.3.3 PARTIES.  Many complaints and misunderstandings can be avoided by informing your neighbors prior to having a party. Let them know your intent and be considerate. Ensure your guests do not park in unauthorized areas or block neighbors’ driveways. 

10.3.4 ANIMAL NOISE. Barking dogs are considered a nuisance.  Be considerate of neighbors by keeping dogs under control.  Pets are required to abide by JBER quiet hours.

10.3.5 NOISE FROM CHILDRENDivert children’s activities away from other homes so their noise does not cause disturbances. Instruct your children to be considerate of others. Ensure play that is occurring outdoors is not in conflict with curfew hours or quiet hours. 


If you are a smoker, please be considerate of non-smoking neighbors and understand that indoor smoking can filter into shared venting systems. Please be considerate and smoke outside. Avoid smoking close to the building to keep smoke from entering neighboring units through windows.  Additionally, smoking within an AMH unit is potentially subject to higher move out costs due to damages typically caused by smoke.   


As in most close communities there is always the potential for disputes between neighbors. The best way to handle this is for the affected parties to simply discuss the issues between themselves and seek resolution. This should be accomplished Tenant to Tenant. In the event this does not resolve the conflict, Tenants should then request input from their military supervisors. AMH will not participate or get involved in personal disputes between Tenants.