Section 13

Fire Protection


The Fire Protection Flight is responsible for fire/emergency response on JBER. Understanding fire prevention techniques and available resources is critical.  A fire safety brief is given by the military during the military Newcomers Briefing. 


AMH encourages all Tenants to have a safety plan and to practice their evacuation drills in the home (EDITH). Always keep fire escape routes free of trip hazards, i.e.: debris, litter, snow, ice and other obstructions.  Please help keep our JBER families safe. 


While some housing areas contain large basements, the basement area cannot be converted or otherwise used as a bedroom or living space unless there are two means of approved egress. Do not use unapproved rooms as bedrooms. 


If a fire occurs in your home, get everyone out and call 911 immediately.  Give the operator your name, house number and street address.  Do not hang up until you are sure the information was received correctly.  All fires regardless of size must be reported to the Fire Department and AMH. Make sure everyone in your household is familiar with these procedures. NOTE: Please make sure you tell the 911 operator you are located on JBER. 


Fire extinguishers are provided in all AMH units, typically in the kitchen area of the unit. Please ensure all family members know the location and how to use the extinguisher. Tenants are responsible for monthly checks of the extinguisher.  This should include: inspecting the physical appearance, verifying gauge shows full and turning extinguisher upside down, shaking, and tapping the bottom. When the date is one year beyond the date listed on the tag bring extinguisher into Self Help Center for re-certification or possible replacement. 


Fire hydrants within AMH community areas are required to be maintained snow free at all times.  Tenants are required to remove the snow from the fire hydrants located within their yard area. AMH removes snow from fire hydrants located in the common areas.  Marker flags are installed on hydrants to make them easier to find during winter months. Ensure children do not play with, or remove the flags.  Report missing or damaged marker flags to AMH at 907-753-1091. 


13.7.1 EXTENSION CORDS. Extension cords may be used in certain situations. When used, they shall be rated for the capacity of the equipment being served and be UL approved. Cords shall not be connected in series to extend the length nor may multiple loads be served by one cord with more than one outlet.  Do not nail or staple cords to interior building surfaces, run cords through doorways, windows, and holes in walls, or under rugs, or carpets. Cords used for the exterior installation of items such as holiday lights or vehicle plug-in heaters shall be weatherproof and attached using devices specifically designed for that purpose.  Do not run cords across driveways or across sidewalks where damage to the cords or trip hazards could occur. 

13.7.2 COOKING. Never leave cooking unattended on the stove especially when cooking with grease or anything that produces its own grease.  Should a grease fire occur, cover the burning pan with a lid, turn off the burner, and use the fire extinguisher immediately, then call 911.  Never use water to extinguish a grease fire.  Most importantly, do not attempt to move the pan. Some grease fires can occur due to excessive buildup of grease. Keep your stove, burners, hood, and walls clean of grease to avoid such fires. HOT PLATES. Hot plates and other burner type cookers are not allowed for use in AMH units. 

13.7.3 HOUSEKEEPING. Good housekeeping and cleanliness promotes fire safety and prevention. Dispose of trash and combustibles regularly. Keep storage to a minimum and keep exit routes clear. Clean range hoods, stove tops and ovens frequently to keep grease free. Clean dryer vents after each use and clean dryer hoses frequently. 

13.7.4 SPACE HEATERS. Space heaters are not allowed in AMH units unless issued by AMH for emergency no-heat issues. AMH issues only electric oil filled heaters with automatic shut off. Decorative fireplaces or other like items that produce heat are prohibited in AMH units. 

13.7.5 CLOTHES DRYERS. Clean the lint trap after each load.  Annually remove the 4-inch vent hose from the back of the dryer and remove any accumulated lint or residue.  Never place plastic articles in dryer.  NOTE:  Using fabric drying sheets can cause a buildup on the lint screen.  This, in turn, reduces the airflow.  You must wash the screen with a small brush often.  DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR DRYER. 

13.7.6 CANDLES. Never leave lighted candles unattended. Candles are the leading cause of house fires. Do not place lighted candles in areas where they could contact flammable items. Keep candles out of the reach of children. 

13.7.7 SMOKING. Smoking in bed is prohibited. Dispose of smoking material in a non-combustible container, never leave lit cigarettes unattended, and keep lighters and matches out of the reach of children. 

13.7.8 FLAMMABLE LIQUID STORAGE. The storage of gasoline or other flammable liquids must be in approved containers and is limited to three gallons per dwelling.  Flammables may not be stored within living areas or in areas frequented by playing children.  Containers can be stored in the garage storage area if there are proper ventilation openings. Ensure they are placed at least five feet from the heater or hot water heater. 

13.7.9 GAS POWERED EQUIPMENT. Do not refuel lawn mowers, edgers, snow blowers, and other motor driven types of equipment while the motor is running.  Turn motors off and allow at least ten minutes to cool before refueling. Never store gas powered equipment in the living areas of your unit. 

13.7.10 GRILLS, SMOKERS, CHIMINEAS, FIRE PITS. These items must be used a minimum of 10 feet from any combustible fixture, i.e.: house, deck, sheds, trees, etc. They cannot be used on any wooden or other combustible surface. Grills, chimineas, and fire pits must be completely cooled, fuel tanks closed, and all ash material removed prior to storage nearer than 10 feet to housing unit. They must be stored within the fenced in yard area. 


Some AMH units are equipped with fire suppression systems. Do not hang or attach items on or within eighteen inches; do not obstruct or tamper with, paint, or knock, hit or bump the sprinkler heads or piping. Tenants who cause damage to the system will be subject to all associated costs to repair the system and any damage caused to the unit by an activated or broken sprinkler head. 


The Tenant is responsible for performing a monthly serviceability check on all household warning devices within the home. This should include: inspecting the physical appearance of the detectors or warning devices for evidence of damage, abuse, or tampering, and for dead batteries. Detectors should be securely mounted. Tenants are responsible for replacement of batteries. Report any malfunction to AMH Maintenance at 907-753-1091.