Tenants who are preparing to terminate their residency with AMH are required to give a minimum of 30 days written notice. PCSing and Deploying Tenants need to have a copy of their orders and any amendments along with Transportation dates in order to fill out a 30 Day Notice to Vacate Housing form. At that time, AMH will work with the Tenant to set dates for their Move Out Briefing and Final Inspection. AMH will not complete final out-processing until the Tenant has successfully vacated and cleaned the unit, had it inspected, and paid assessed charges if applicable.  


AMH will conduct a Move Out Brief.  The purpose of the Move Out Brief is to help the Tenant prepare for their move out.  AMH Inspectors will review: (i) the policy and procedures provided to the Tenant at the time of initial occupancy, (ii) the cleaning standards, (iii) the carpet condition report, and (iv) account information.  If the unit meets the cleaning and grounds requirements (see Appendix B and Appendix C), no cleaning fees will be charged at the final move out.  If the unit has been maintained in accordance with Section 3 and its subsections, but does not meet minimum cleaning requirements, as provided in Section 17.6, cleaning or damage charges may be assessed at the final move out if Tenant does not bring the unit up to the minimum requirements.  The Move Out Brief will explain the type of damage that is considered beyond normal wear and tear and damage must be corrected before move out.  AMH will provide a list of approved vendors with their prices if the Tenant prefers not to use the repair and replacement services provided by AMH and correct maintenance matters themselves prior to their final inspection.  A Pre Final inspection may also include a preliminary black light carpet inspection if requested by Tenant. 


Tenants are highly encouraged to clean their window blinds prior to their Final Inspection. For blinds with excessive buildup (typically those in the bathroom or kitchen) the Ultra Sonic Blind Cleaner located in the JBER-E Self Help Center location is available for use on a walk in basis. Blinds over 90 inches will not fit in machine. Do not bring children to your blind cleaning.  


The responsibility for obtaining AMH’s final clearance from housing rests solely with the Tenant.  In the event the Tenant is deployed, the Tenant’s spouse or other competent representative must have an appropriate Power of Attorney in order to clear the unit and sign the necessary paperwork to vacate.  The unit must be completely vacant for the final inspection. The final inspection ensures that the minimum requirements of cleanliness are met and includes a carpet inspection that may include pulling back carpet or a black light inspection.   Additionally, the AMH inspector identifies any areas within the unit requiring maintenance, repairs or replacements (see Appendix D). Re-inspections are not available. Failure to comply with the AMH Cleaning Requirements will result in charges to bring the unit up to reasonable health standards.  Any cleaning or damage charges in excess of $300.00 will be documented with photographs. All expenses must be paid prior to the final out processing being complete and within 15 days from final inspection. 


Prior to move out, all carpets must be vacuumed and edged thoroughly (see Appendix B). If carpets are stained, while not required, it is recommended the carpets be cleaned. Normal wear and tear, such as traffic patterns, pathways, and furniture grooves is expected.  


As a Tenant, you will be held liable and accountable for loss or damage to the unit itself and any AMH equipment or furnishings within the unit caused by abuse, negligence, or accidental damage on the part of yourself, your family members, pets or guests. Damage to homes beyond reasonable wear and tear is your responsibility. You may elect to make a repair yourself, at your expense, or you may have AMH make repairs at your expense. All repairs and replacements are required to be of workman-like standard and meet AMH requirements. AMH can fully explain your options to repair or replace damaged items and the method of payment. Repair costs vary according to unit type/style and are based on the current market costs of materials and labor costs for the repair/replacement. If you have any questions about costs, you may call the AMH management office at 907-753-1023, or email us at aurora@jlproperties.com. 


Certain types of occupant-owned property may be conveyed during change of occupancy to new Tenants, e.g. sheds, ceiling fans, shelving, etc., if accepted in advance in writing by the new incoming Tenant. Contact AMH to obtain a conveyance authorization letter.  Items that increase maintenance costs, such as painted walls, are prohibited from being conveyed.