Help prevent pipes from freezing

Due to the prolonged drop in temperatures, we’re requesting that all residents run cold water in a lower level sink at pencil width while temperatures remain below freezing. This simple action helps keep water flowing through the pipes that deliver water into your building.

Setting up your sink

  1. Pick a sink. If you have a basement with a bathroom or mop sink, please use one of these. Otherwise, a first floor bathroom or kitchen sink will suffice.
  2. Clear the sink of obstructions.
  3. Ensure water drains properly. You’ll want to make sure the water doesn’t overflow and cause floods; so make sure drains are functioning properly
  4. Turn on the cold water. The water stream should be very thin, roughly pencil width.

Following the above steps will ensure consistent water flow through underground pipes, greatly reducing the risk of freezing! Additionally, please keep windows closed and report no heat to our emergency maintenance line immediately.

Emergency Maintenance: 907.753.1091