Spring Clean Week (2022)

We are offering two seasonal resources this year to help you and your family have a successful spring clean.

Extra Trash Pickup Day

Leave up to two (2) extra bags by your roll cart and have them picked up in addition to your normal trash bin.

  • 27 April: JBER-R
  • 29 April: JBER-E

Items must be:

  1. Bagged and sealed
  2. Not considered hazardous waste
  3. Placed by the roll cart on the specified date prior to 6 AM

Please make this trial run a success by following the directives above! We hope to continue to work with community leaders and JBER installation partners to adapt our refuse and recycling services to continue to support community needs, promote wildlife safety, and comply with local, state, and national environmental requirements.

Cardboard Recycling

Bulk cardboard dumpsters will be available at both of our offices from 18 April (@noon) to 22 April (@noon) as well as 25 April (@noon) to 29 April (@noon). These are only for broken down cardboard boxes and only for residents of Aurora Military Housing.

  • Cardboard must be broken down
  • Cardboard or trash should not be placed on the ground; dumpsters will be replaced frequently.