Utility Allowance Program (Feb 2022)

We’d like to offer some clarification and address discussion taking place around the suspended Utility Allowance Program also known as the Resident Energy Conservation Program (RECP). This program continues to remain inactive on JBER.

What was RECP?

The program was designed by the Air Force, at the directive of the DOD, with the intention of incentivizing utility conservation. The most recent iteration of the program was implemented starting in 2017 but was suspended in 2020 nationwide.

Prior to the suspension, your monthly gas and electric consumption was compared to the average monthly consumption of all other occupied, like type homes (the calculation also excluded the top 10% and bottom 10% of homes). Those above the average consumption would be charged the difference, and those below would be credited the difference.


At this point in time, Aurora Military Housing is not actively re-implementing this program. RECP continues to remain suspended on JBER for all residents. We still encourage all residents to continue to practice responsible utility usage.

Any change to the suspended status of the program would be heavily communicated via JBER and Aurora Military Housing official channels.