Change furnace filters regularly!

If your home has a furnace, check the filter monthly and change at minimum, every 90 days. Filters are free as a 1-for-1 exchange at our U-Fix-Its.

Be mindful of furniture placement.

Air flow is key. Placing furniture in front of air vents or baseboard heaters causes furnaces and boilers to run for longer.

Report maintenance issues.

Gaps in windows and doors can cause air to escape. If you notice weather stripping is wearing away, a leak in a window pane, or another issue that could create large inefficiencies in your home…. Submit a maintenance request.

Use cold water cycles.

Most modern detergent is engineered to clean effectively with cold water. Running gas washers on shorter, cold water cycles dramatically reduces energy consumption.

Adjust dryer settings

Running gas dryers at lower heat and cleaning the lint trap regularly is an easy way to reduce electric consumption.