Common Area Upgrades (2020)

Every year, Aurora gathers input from the community, maintenance team, and JBER leadership to determine how to spend our common area, or “Quality of Life” fund. This fund is built from annual revenues and is designed to add or enhance community amenities.

Playground Surfacing Upgrades

A number of playgrounds across the installation will be undergoing surfacing upgrades over the coming weeks. The premium unitary, turf style surfacing is more durable, soft, and aesthetically pleasing than the existing wood chip fills. These 6 locations will be cordoned off with orange construction fencing during construction, which will be completed over the coming six weeks. While the surfacing is under construction, we ask that parents keep kids away from the area.

  • Chugach Playground # 1, between 3902 and 2910
  • Silver Run Playground # 3, at Community Center behind 3750
  • Houston Playground # 6, between 4124 & 4122
  • Moose Crossing Playground # 9, at Community Center
  • Kodiak Playground # 3, between 1269 and 1271
  • Puffin Park Playground # 4, between 546 & 544

Community Center Upgrades

While community centers are still closed due to ongoing federal/state guidance on acceptable gathering sizes, we are using the opportunity to refresh the facilities

  • All Community Centers: new flooring and paint
  • Moose Crossing Community Center: indoor kids play area (similar to the one located at the JBER-R community center)

    mock up image of community center indoor play area
    The design for the Moose Crossing Community Center play area.

JBER-E Community Garden Construction

We received over 100 applications for our JBER-R community garden this year alone, but lacked the capacity to accommodate a large percentage of those requests.  Fortunately, we were able to secure bids and begin construction on a new community garden located on JBER-E in the Silver Run Community. If all goes as planned, this garden will be open by summer of 2021.

map of new community garden location in silver run

Future Upgrades

Your suggestions for common area community amenities are always appreciated. We rely heavily on feedback from the CAC, Mayor’s Council, and direct requests through our website when determining how to spend Quality of Life money.