Summer Reminders (2020)

There are a number of summer-related responsibilities shared by all residents.

How do grounds inspections work?

Our team of grounds inspectors routinely patrol neighborhoods and respond to a) employee reported violations, b) resident reported violations, c) SF/Command reported violations, d) follow ups from previous tickets, and e) observed violations.

  1. If a grounds violation is confirmed, the grounds inspector will first issue a warning. This ticket isn’t a fine or fee, it’s just a reminder.
  2. The slip of paper will detail what is required of you to resolve the issue.
  3. Once resolved, there is no need to take any further action.
  4. If the issue recurs or is not remediated, you may receive a secondary warning. 
  5. Failure to resolve the issue, will result in escalation. Depending on the infraction, this could mean Security Forces involvement (i.e. towing), resolution through the chain of command, issuance of a formal lease violation notice or “Notice to Quit”, or direct contact from our resident relations manager.

Note that some issues with more severe implications for neighborhood safety will result in quicker escalation. We approach each violation based on relative severity.

Grounds inspectors are (thankfully for all us) not 24/7 robot sentinels that are capable of recording and responding to every issue that occurs in every neighborhood at every hour of the day; they can only respond to what is seen or reported.

This is precisely why, if you notice an issue in your neighborhood and are unable to resolve it on your own, we ask that you continue to contact us directly.

  1. Enter your Information
  2. Select Subject “Comment/Complaint”
  3. Select the nature of the complaint/comment (AMH Staff Member, AMH Contractor, Aurora/Military Policy, Resident, Other)
  4. Complete the further requested information

Roll Carts

Store them in the garage. The only time they are permitted out is on trash and recycling pickup days. Trash attracts wild animals, and wild animals can pose a threat to the safety of all neighbors.

Pets on Leashes

Pets should be leashed when in common areas. JBER recently opened up two lovely dog parks for animals in need of some extra exercise. While many animals are calm and polite and wouldn’t hurt a fly, they are still animals and can be unpredictable; maintaining leashed control of pets is very important.

Pick Up the Poo

Whether its in your yard or in a common area, it only takes a second!

Keep the Noise Down

We get it, there’s lots of sunshine and only a brief few months to enjoy it. That being said, pets, residents, AMH employees, and AMH Contractors still need to abide by quiet hours and respect their neighbors. Even outside of quiet hours, noise still needs to be kept to a reasonable level; your next door neighbor very likely works a different shift than you.

Quiet Hours

  • Sunday through Thursday from 2200 to 0600
  • Friday and Saturday from 2300 to 0600.

Playground Safety

Playgrounds are community amenities, and are expected to be shared and utilized properly by all community members; this means actively supervising children. Additionally, we ask that any damage to playgrounds be reported to our maintenance team.

RVs and Trailers

RVs and trailers are only permitted in the neighborhoods Friday-Monday. The purpose of this is to allow for easy unloading/loading. When parking these behemoths, please be aware of the impact they will have on traffic flow; between kids playing and bottlenecks in the road, these can pose a safety risk.

Any request for an exception to this policy must be directed to our office ahead of time. We may, at our discretion, issue an extended parking pass, however, this is not guaranteed and should not be expected.


When operating grills, please be sure they are not placed against fences or siding (10 ft), they get really hot and can easily char the siding and fencing. When finished grilling, please do not dispose of hot coals in trash cans. Leaving food outside can attract wildlife as well, so once the grill is cooled down, be sure to clean up.

Provide Notice of Absence

Heading on vacation? If leaving your home for 5 days or more, we ask that you designate a point of contact to watch over your home while you’re gone (and provide us with their contact information). This only takes a second, and allows for us to quickly resolve any emergencies that may arise while you are gone.

Submit a Notice of Absence