Playground Updates (2022)

Construction season is officially here! We are installing a new theme park, adding dog waste stations to some theme parks, performing much needed landscaping for the new skate park, and retiring an existing playground.

Silver Run Theme Park- Temporary Closure

Location: Near Silver Run community garden, 3772 Gray Loop

Map showing location of playground in Silver Run, off of Gray Loop, near building 3772 and community garden

Temporary Closure Start: Week of 9 May

Purpose: A number of updates to the surfacing will be made. The playground will be fenced off until all work is completed, at which point it will reopen. Please keep your distance from this location and do not allow children to play on this playground until fencing is removed.

Fireweed Playground 1- Demolition

Location: Near building 204

map showing playground location, near building 204 at intersection of sixth and richardson on JBER-R

Demolition Start: Week of 9 May

Purpose: This playground will be demolished as we are unable to source replacement components to proactively address safety concerns and updated regulations. Please keep your distance from this location until demolition is completed.

Fireweed Theme Park – Installation

Location: Akutan and Sixth, JBER-R

Project Start/Completion: Summer 2022 (Delayed from 2021)

This 5400 SF Enchanted Forest theme park will be one of our largest playgrounds. The bright colors and blend of contemporary and classic equipment designs will be sure to entertain children of all ages.

JBER-R (Independence) Skate Park – Landscaping

Location: Dyea and 5th, JBER-R

Landscaping Start: Spring 2022

While the skate park opened last year, it was too late in the season to complete the landscaping component. Landscaping around the park will be completed this summer.

Dog Waste Stations – Installation

Location: Select theme parks

Project Start/Completion: Summer 2022

Stations containing bags for disposing of dog waste will be installed at select theme parks. To make these stations a success and allow us to install more in the future, please be sure to dispose of pet waste properly!