Snow Event (11/8)

snow removal graphic text over snowy tire mark

Plows are being dispatched

Our snow contractor will begin making their way through the neighborhoods starting as early as 6 AM on 8 November 2020. Be sure to remove cars from the roads when possible, as this will enable quicker, more thorough plowing.

Exercise Caution

Please be extra cautious when driving through the neighborhoods. Keep your distance from other vehicles and be mindful of pedestrians.


If you qualify for our Deployed Spouse Program, you may opt to receive complimentary driveway snow removal.

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We will make announcements on our blog and facebook page each time plows are dispatched in the hopes that you will assist us by removing vehicles from the roads. A normal snow event is cleared within 48 hours, however factors such as white-out conditions, excessive accumulation, or holidays (congested streets) can increase the time required to properly remove snow from the roads. Plows are dispatched when snow accumulation reaches 2″ or more and plowing will only occur outside of quiet hours.

We do not normally make announcements when sanding is taking place, as this occurs frequently and requires no action on your part.