Lawn Care Resources (2020)

The longer days and orders to practice social distancing have many of us looking for something (anything) to do to stay busy. Tending to lawn can be a rewarding way to stretch the legs and spend some time outside. We have a number of Self Help Center resources available to residents seeking to improve their yard.


Don’t Forget! If you moved into a home between 15 Oct and 1 May, you are likely eligible for a one time Spring Clean. We’ll send a team out to pick up dog poop, fill in holes, and repair damages left by the previous resident. We’ll need these requests by 1 May, so please apply for this complementary service today.

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COVID-19 Notes

In the era of COVID-19, we plan on offering most of these items, with exceptions noted below, by delivery only.  Should JBER relax COVID-19 restrictions, we may reassess how we distribute these items.

If you already submitted a request, it has been received and will be delivered once we receive our initial order. Deliveries will be processed in the order they are received and will almost certainly take longer than 3 business days to deliver, at least initially. We apologize in advance for any wait times, and thank you for your patience as we work to get you the tools you need to take care of your lawn.



Helps balance out the acidity of the soil after a long winter. Limestone is a must for those with pets, as urine can negatively alter the PH of soil.

Limestone will be available for delivery starting 4 May 2020, and should be applied once in the spring, and once in the fall.

Grass Seed

As the name suggests, grass seed is pre-grass. You throw it down, keep it moist, keep the pets and kids off of it, and it turns into a soft field of green bliss.

Grass seed will be available for delivery starting 4 May 2019, and should be applied once in late spring (after the limestone).


Fertilizer helps facilitate growth of grass, it’s a delicate balance though as applying too much can kill the grass.

Fertilizer will be available for delivery starting 4 May 2019.


Topsoil is used to fill holes in yards.

Topsoil is not individually bagged, and therefore, will require pickup from our JBER-E self help center. The pile will be located within the gated area and will be self serve between the hours of 10 AM to 2 PM, Monday – Friday. Aside from checking availability, there is no need to schedule an appointment, simply show up with your own receptacle and take the topsoil you need.  Our suppliers cannot deliver topsoil until it is de-thawed and  annual transportation restrictions are lifted, therefore we estimate topsoil will be available mid May. 


Aerator Shoes (Grass Cleats)

These help increase airflow in the ground, leading to faster grass growth.

Broadcast/Hand Spreaders

Apply the perfect amount of limestone, grass seed, and fertilizer. Broadcast and hand spreaders enable consistent and accurate application of lawn care products.


Used to create clean edges around driveways and sidewalks.

Shovels, Rakes, Garden Hoes, Hedge Trimmers

For as needed lawn care and gardening tasks.

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