Updated section 8.3 to include a link to the current unattended youth policy put forth by JBER.


Altered section 4.2.1 to comply with the recent Department of Defense memo regarding flags permitted on Military installations.


Section 2.8: Removed language that incorrectly stated that the supplemental renters insurance policy was removed.  While cancellation was discussed in depth at the January Community Action Council (CAC), we decided to extend the policy through an additional year.


Section 3.6.6: Our snow removal contracts dictate removal of snow from common areas, such as sidewalk, hydrants, and mailboxes. Residents are not responsible for these, but must clear sidewalks leading to the home (i.e. connecting driveway to front door).


Section 1.5.2: Adjusted language to apply only while the Utility program is active. Aurora will not provide statements during program suspension.

Section 6.1: Referenced utility program suspension.


Section 2.8: With the planned removal of supplemental renters insurance provided by Aurora, adjusted the language to encourage residents to continue to secure individual policies.

Section 4.5.3: JBER command will determine whether real pumpkins are to be allowed during trick or treat hours.


Section 4.5.3: Removed exception allowing residents to place real pumpkins outside during trick or treat hours; Conservation Law Enforcement has requested that real pumpkins remain inside at all times.


Section 17.1 and 17.3: Removed mention of blind cleaning appointments. Blind cleaning is now available on a walk-in basis to our JBER-E Self Help Center only.